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S.J. Maylee

S. J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

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Taste Of Passion

Taste Of Passion - Savannah Chase Savannah's gift for creating engaging characters is front and center in this story. You'll feel for Valentine when her beloved bakery has a fire. Savannah doesn't take it easy on her heroine after that, oh no. Who comes walking into Valentine's shop at the end of the worst day ever? The one that got away and he's come to review her tasty cakes. Oh yeah. The story is one of those that smolders and wont let you put it down. You'll just have to see if these two can finally get together. You don't want to miss what happens. I loved this sweet little tale and I highly recommend it.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.