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S.J. Maylee

S. J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

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Last Call

Last Call - Sarah Ballance She did it again, another fabulous read from author Sarah Ballance. The first pages sink you right into the story. Memories and new action shove you head first into this suspenseful mystery. The hero, Nick, is a great tortured character and Rhys is the kind of heroine I love. She's strong, lovable and not afraid to go after the truth. Early on Nick has this thought: The one beacon in his dark night was Rhys, and he'd yet to forgive himself for what he'd done to her. <--yeap, fabulously tortured. This story has all kinds of passion all mixed in with truth and lies.<br/>But, what is the truth? Sarah will keep you guessing in this one. This is a story with layers in layers. Nothing is given away too soon and the end is rewarding. You should read this one for sure.