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S. J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

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Tie Me Free - Sandra Bunino I love the title of this book and it's a beautiful description of the story as well. It all starts with Kate needing Mason's help, but she has no idea what she has set in motion. I felt the cosmic pull throughout the story. Mason is the right man in the right place, for sure.

His approach and patients are tailor-made for what Kate needs, because she certainly won't admit to what she wants. I felt her desire to give in and it kept me turning the pages. Their first kiss is really something special.

Sandra Bunino has crafted a tantalizing tale. She showed respect not only for Shibari, but also to BDSM and highlighted one of the beautiful aspects. The lifestyle means different things to different people.

Another great read. She's definitely staying on my auto buy list. I highly recommend Tie Me Free.
The Weekend Proposition - Ella Jade This is such a sweet read. It was a joy to watch these two fall in love. From the start, Ella Jade's characters grabbed my full attention. Spencer needs a date. He turns a corner and there she is, Coda, the girl he never knew he always wanted. He's immediately smitten and so was I. Coda is totally charming and Spencer sweeps her off her feet. Yum! :)

Of course, it can't be that easy. Ella had me on the edge of my seat as I turned the pages because I had to know how it all turned out. Another fabulous read from Ella Jade. Loved it.

I received a copy of The Weekend Proposition for my honest and fair review.
Reckless in Moonlight - Cara Bristol This was one smooth hot read. I needed a good escape this week and I found it in Dana and Lon. It's such a sexy read and the writing is fabulous. I love the way the story builds. It's real and lusty. So good. Another must read from Cara Bristol.
Game Plan - Karla Doyle Karla Doyle can write. Wow. That was one sexy read. Falling in love isn't easy. It's messy, but so much fun to read. Karla Doyle definitely delivered. Mason is totally my book boyfriend, yum. :)
Claimed (Club Sin, #1) - Stacey Kennedy This was one hot read. I enjoyed the heroine and the hero is all kinds of strong and dominating. Yum. :)

Yes, it's hot, fast paced, no slow middle here, and has just the right amount of conflict. It also has a beautiful love story. This is the kind of story where you actually feel them falling in love. Oh, and the end is fabulous and I loved the heroines roommate, many fun exchanges.

I loved it and highly recommend it. I'm definitely looking forward to more of Club Sin.

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.
Succubus Games (The Succubus Chronicles) - Lila Shaw This quick read packs a fabulous punch. The dialogue is witty and the sex is hot. Plus, the Gods are trying to mess things up and that provides some nice action and will leaving you guessing until the end.

Favorite thought of Willow's: Molten desire sears my flesh, his touch the cause and the cure. <--oh yeah. She's talking about Helveticus. Yum.<br/>
I really enjoyed this quick read and am looking forward to the next in the series.
Under Orders - Doris O'Connor This is a hot quick read and boy did I enjoy it. Perfect length for an afternoon read. The story pulled me in and I read faster and faster. It has easy to love characters, smokin' hot sex scenes, and an epilogue that I really loved.

The book starts at Anna's work were things get hot in the board room. From there you'll be on a quick ride as Anna tries to deal with her feelings and soon she finds out something more is happening. Answers to life long questions are revealed.

Favorite Quote from Anna's thoughts: While sex with him would no doubt rock her world, he also had the ability to rip her heart to shreds.

The story will warm your heart. It's quick and it's hot. I recommend it. :)
Surrender to Me - Ella Jade I fell in love with Martin in Ella Jade's Make Me Stay. I was excited to read more about this elusive and exciting man and we get it here. He is the Master Dom and everything demanding and sexy I dreamed him to be. Ella didn't go easy on this guy though. She put Ari in his path, a woman meant to be his, but she's not a submissive, or is she?

This story is all romance and then some, yum. Surrender to Me is a sexy hot ride. Watching two strong characters fall in love with the type of person they were least expecting is captivating. I enjoyed watching Ari melt and give in to Martin's dominating hand.

Ari's insecurities are tested. Martin's dominance is tested. These two push and pull and, well, you'll have to read it for yourself. I recommend this book to all BDSM erotic romance readers.

Plus, we get to catch up a little with Gracie and Cade from Make Me Stay and I'm hoping we'll be able to read more about Ari's cousin, Hunter and a character from this book. I give no spoilers, you'll have to read it. :) This is another excellent, Ella Jade book.
Make Me Stay - Ella Jade What a tender and heartbreaking read. It was a lot of fun to cheer these two on. Loved the ending. Looking forward to more from this author.
The P.U.R.E. - Claire Gillian What a joy to read. It's smart. It's sassy. It's fun. I totally fell for Gayle too. She'll make you giggle as she takes you on a ride. There's several mysteries to unravel before you get to the satisfying end. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Purely Relative.
Disciplinary Measures (Rod and Cane Society, #4) - Cara Bristol Another yummy read by the talented Cara Bristol. This time the couple is already married. Trust plays a huge role in this Rod and Cane Society book and so does the sexy heat.

It was fascinating to watch this couple change as they brought domestic discipline into their marriage. It's not all roses though as they stumble their way through.

Lots to enjoy here between the great characters and the hot, hot, hot story line. I definitely recommend this one. You can read it as a stand alone, but don't miss the other Rod and Cane books. I'm looking forward to the next Rod and Cane book for sure.

Coming to Terms

Coming to Terms - Cara Bristol, Jade Cary, Alta Hensley, Celeste Jones, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Anastasia Vitsky I'll post my review soon, but for now I have to tell you: I really enjoyed the quick reads.

Destiny's Chance

Destiny's Chance - Cara Bristol What a great read. It all starts just after a devastating car crash. Destiny survives, but it's the way she survives that pushes this story forward and will have you turning the pages.

Cara takes you right through the powerful emotions of this domino effect. One of the first is when Destiny figures out she's been reincarnated in her best friend, Zoe's body. How would you handle that situation, maybe call your parents? Sure, but they think you're dead. Wow. This story will pull at all your heart strings. Add to that, you're now living with your secret crush, but you look like your best friend. I cheered for Destiny when she stole the opportunity and kissed Chance. I wanted to cry when Chance talks about missing his friend, Destiny. Friend!

Chance really does miss Destiny though and boy is he confused when he starts seeing hints of her in Zoe after the accident. Watching these two fall in love and push past their strange situation and listen to their hearts is quite something. Cara even breaks up the powerful emotions with some humor. There's one situation right before the end that had me laughing so hard. You have to read this one, it's another fabulous read from Cara Bristol.
Bella Key - Scarlet Chastain From the first line I was swept away by this sweet story. The characters are charming and the setting will make you believe you're on vacation too. Maddie wants to get away and have a real vacation. Instead of waiting to plan something, she takes a detour on her way home from a business trip. From there, the story will simply romance you.

The sexual tension is sweet and exciting and the side characters are entertaining. I was completely charmed by Maddie and Sunny's story and I felt the vulnerability Maddie showed as she put herself out there. I very much enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to the next Scarlet Chastain book.

It's a fun and sexy read. Not to be missed.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Out of the Night (Vala's Story, Book One)

Out of the Night (Vala's Story, Book One) - Joelle Casteel Out of the Night starts like a rocket, a slow burn and then blasts off. The action and feel in the first pages is scary and heart pounding. The extreme bad luck of the heroine takes a dramatic turn when she’s rescued from rock bottom existence. Her hero takes her in and helps her to get clean and from there the heart of the story really begins.

The hero is really a BDSM Dom and he takes the heroine to be a slave in his stable. As he introduces each of his slaves and explains how he found them and their place in his stable, you could say the pacing slows. However, each introduction is so interesting that I didn’t care. Character is key and the author has developed a rich group.

The final third of the book gives you a feel for how the stable functions. The author doesn’t shy away from any of the BDSM realities and her characters can be naughty. The punishments may be harsh, but not unrealistic in the BDSM community. The author doesn’t shy away from taking risks either. There is head hopping, but I was never confused as to who’s point of view I was in.

Joelle Casteel is an author to watch.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.
Aidan - Abby Niles The premise for this book and the beautiful cover was enough to hook me, but would I stay hooked? The heroine, Jaylin has seen first-hand the downside of claiming your mate. She’s taken a strong stance and has dramatically changed her professional life. Got to love a heroine who is willing to take a stand. Of course, fate never goes easy and listens. Nope, not going to happen. In walks Aidan. He needs her help and he’s not taking no for an answer. This is where the sexual tension begins. It simmers in the best kind of way. Yes, I stayed hooked.

One of my favorite couple of sentences come in the beginning from Jaylin’s thoughts of Aidan: A slow grin spread across his lips, drawing her attention to them. Irritation spiked. Not only for noticing his lips, but for what that slow grin had meant. He thought she was cute for trying to boss him around. Ass.

These two push each other’s buttons and it’s great fun to read. This is one hot read. Yummy hot! Strange, wonderful, and horrifying things can happen when two people meant to love each other for all eternity fight their destiny.

This book moves right along at a quick pace. As the heroine works through the black moment things do slow a bit compared to the rest of the book, but it still moves right along. There is also a good bit to take in on the world building, but it was interesting. It kept me turning the pages. It was quite touching how this heroine has her turning moment. Tears actually came to my eyes. Very well done. Lots of lovely flawed characters to love too. Ones I hope Abby will explore more in future books. The end was entirely satisfying.

I highly recommend The Awakening: Aidan to paranormal romance readers.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.